Saturday, 7 November 2015

Autumn essentials: Lip balm and hand cream

I love this time of year, when days get shorter, sky gets darker and weather gets colder. I love wrapping myself in my scarf and my coat, and feel the cold in the face as I walk home from the train station after work.

However, my skin doesn't enjoy the chilly days as much as I do and it tends to get a bit dry. For that reason, I never leave my house without my dear friends, mr hand cream and mrs lip balm.

My current favorites are  Baby lips Dr Rescue from Maybelline and Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream.

Baby lips Dr Rescue leaves my lips feeling as soft as... baby cheeks? (haha). I really enjoy the minty scent, it feels very refreshing on my lips (And even in the cold weather, it is a rather pleasant feeling). After a few days of use, my lips feel smooth, soft, and lovely!

Another product that really helps me feeling protected in the colder days is the Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream. I usually get extremely dry hands all year around, and I deeply hate that feeling, so hand cream in my bag is a must.

My last acquisition is this Nivea cream and I have completely fell in love. I love Nivea products in general since forever (You know that when your mum loves a brand, it's a good brand!) and this hand cream is no exception. My hands feel instantly hydrated and no sticky at all!

If you pop in here and have any recommendation, I would love to hear them! Always keen to try new products. What are your favorites? :)


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